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Sunday Social

Cottenham Connected

The Sunday Social team want to reassure you that ‘we will be back’ as soon as we are allowed! Six extremely successful Sunday Socials have taken place at the British Legion Hall since we launched our initiative, and we are sad they have had to temporarily close. We have thoroughly enjoyed providing a space for the local community to meet once a month, and plan to re-open and widen the choice of events we run to incorporate the requests we have received from you. This could include games nights; arranging a meeting point for our younger generations and dementia friends groups etc. 

We plan to work closely with the COVID Support Team and continue the outstanding support they have provided during the past few months. We clearly live in an amazing village and hope that you will join us at our events when this season of unrest has passed.

If you’d like to know more about Cottenham Connected email: 

or contact Andrea Cowley on 0789 990 4959

Facebook: @CottenhamSundaySocial

And look out for posters when we’re up and running again.