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A Dog’s life…

During the past few months of lock down and being a new’ish dog owner it’s been lovely to be out walking with Mabel, see Spring springing, the birds singing and explore more of Cottenham.  Mabel has just turned a year old and is a Hungarian Vizsla.  She loves a good walk with lots of different areas for sniffing, running and exploring.  She also loves to meet other woofers and humans.  Vizsla’s are known as ‘velcro’ dogs and she certainly lives up to this.  She’s drawn to other walkers and loves to say hi so, it’s been very important to make sure her re-call is good and we are able to pop her back on the lead whilst meeting and chatting to other walkers.  With so many people exploring, it’s been very important not to be caught short and forget the ‘poo bags’.  We all share this lovely village and we all need to clean up after our furry friends, there really isn’t any excuse not to with all the handy bins around.

We’ve discovered a number of new and fun walks including Archie’s Way, turning left at the end of the path along the road and then back through the Rampton woods and fields and back up to Broad lane via the lode.  I discovered the Cottenham Lode too, walking past Bridge farm right along to the Cottenham Lode, turning left along the Great River Ouse to see the wild horses and then returning via Lockspit Hall Drove.  If you fancy a really long one, walking up to Histon, down Gun’s lane, crossing directly over the Oakington road at Lambs cross and then continuing down to the end of the lode and coming back up the Rampton Road.  It’s also been lovely to bump into other woofers at the field off Church Lane, Mable just loves running through the long grass!  It’s been lovely getting to know so many other lovely dog owners and also chatting to those out walking.  I feel like I know more people and I’m part of a community here.  If you haven’t seen us yet, please say hi to Mabel, she’s got the softest ears!